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There are 144 million people who call Russia home across its vast territory extending Eastern Europe and Asia. Names aren’t always addressed with the same level of formality in Russia as they are in the United States. The last name comes first in legal documents, followed by the given name, and finally any patronymic names. A person should be addressed by both their given name and their patronymic, as this is the proper form of address.

How does the Russian Name Generator Work?

In addition, some people find it difficult to settle on the ideal Russian name. Use our Russian name generator whenever you need a quick solution to this issue.

This generator uses the standard sequence of names found on many legal records, with the forename coming first, followed by the given name (with or without a nickname in brackets), and finally the family name.

You may continue clicking around on the Russian Name Generator until you get the number of suggestions you need, and then use the copy function to transfer your random Russian names to the text editor of your choice.

Russian Name Generator
Russian Name Generator

Tips to Generate a Good Russian Name

To prevent problems, choose names that are appropriate for the characters and the plot. With this in mind, let’s dive into the specifics of naming a character so that the reader immediately understands who they are and what they’re about.

Paternal Name

If you’re in the middle of writing a story and you already know who the character’s parent is, you can use that man’s name for the kid.  The readers will have an easier time connecting with the story’s protagonist and will have a better grasp of what’s going on if they go this route.


Use your character’s first name to give readers a glimpse into their mind, or at least into their character’s mind. If you want to show how the character feels about themselves or how the world sees them, you can give them someone else’s nickname.

Others’ Perceptions

Names given to people as a result of the opinions of other people are a great way to add depth to a story.

It could be a historical figure’s name, for example, to set the appropriate mood, or it could be a reference to a pivotal scene in the book.


Get a name that means something to you, whether it’s the original meaning or one you make up because you want to attach yourself to it.  A good or bad character from the story’s past can be reintroduced into the present plot by using the original character’s name.


Why do Russians have such interesting names?

Every Russian has an initial name, a middle name (called a patronymic in Russian) that is based on their father’s first name, and last name. We typically use first (Christian) names. You can find them in the Bible or they can be of Greek, Latin, or old Slavic origin (which accounts for the vast majority of names).

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