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Roman Names

One cannot overstate the importance of ancient Rome. Throughout more than two millennia, it left an indelible imprint on the globe. Several illustrious names in human history can be traced back to this region as well.

The grandeur of a name of Roman origin is undeniable. They have a mighty presence, resonating with a feeling of tradition and the passage of time.

On the other hand, they vary quite a little. Some are based on ancient Roman deities, while others are taken directly from Latin. Some even trace it back to ancient Greece.

Roman Name Generator

A list of potential Roman-given names is generated by our service in a short amount of time and at no cost to you. The Roman language did not allow for any truly gender-neutral names. Hence, the gender-neutral option merely generates random outcomes to spark your imagination.

Roman Name Generator
Roman Name Generator

Our Ancient Rome Name Generator filtration system also allows you to select male and female names. If you come up with a name you like, you can either copy it or save it as a favorite by clicking the corresponding icon. New options can be generated by clicking the “Generate” button as many times as necessary.

Feel free to keep clicking around on the Roman Last Names Generator until you have a list of names you like, and then use the copy function to transfer those names to a text editor of your choosing.

Roman Name Convention 

Complexity abounds in Roman naming practices. The praenomen, or first name, was traditionally how a person was recognized, and it was traditionally given to a child by their parents. The pseudonym, nomen, is designated the person’s family or clan. The third designation was their clan’s name or cognomen.

Furthermore, there was a gender gap. Traditionally, males adopted their mothers’ surnames while females kept their fathers’. If it was considered more honorable, a man might also adopt his father’s nomen. In addition, rather than having three names, most women had only two.


How do Romans get their names?

Although there was no legislation prohibiting any particular praenomina, parents usually followed family tradition when making their selection. Traditionally, a father would give his firstborn son his name, while any subsequent boys would take the names of their father’s siblings or other male forebears.

What is a Roman naming theory?

Many people believe that Roman parents chose names for their children in honor of significant people or events in Roman history, including gods or ancestors. There is also the possibility that parents chose names for their kids based on superficial factors like their hair or eye color. And there’s also the possibility that they just liked the way the names sounded.

How do you give a man a Roman name?

Atticus, Felix, Justus, Titus, Cassius, Linus, Magnus, Marcus, and Justus are all Roman male names in the US Top 1000 along with Cyrus and Julius. Sirius, Thaddeus, Cato, and Aurelius are just a few of the unusual Roman baby names that are making a comeback. Roman, Romeo, and Romulus are popular choices for boys as well.

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