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What is MLP?

My Little Pony is abbreviated as MLP. Designers at Hasbro came up with the concept for My Little Pony during a group planning meeting. The group was tasked with developing a new range of toys that would be especially appealing to female consumers. A ribbon-and-bow-accessorized toy pony was one of the suggestions that came out of the meeting.

Twilight Sparkle, a unicorn pony with a penchant for learning, travels to Ponyville to study the value of friendship. Her pals help her out, and they each stand for a different quality of friendship.

The series has received high marks for its crisp graphics, wide variety of characters, and informative subject matter. Since its debut, the show has become a commercial smash, creating a vast merchandising line and raking in over a billion dollars in sales.

MLP Name Generator 

Feel free to keep clicking the My Little Pony Name Generator until you have enough ideas for your project, and then use the copy tool to transfer your My Little Pony names to the text editor of your choice.

MLP Name Generator
MLP Name Generator

This MLP OC name generator uses My Little Pony name inspiration to ensure a consistent aesthetic, yet it also includes many unique names. There are now two halves to this set. Predefined names and user submissions both appear in the first half of the names generated by this tool. The second halves of the names are formed from a series of randomly paired words.

First, press the button to have 10 completely arbitrary names generated. Nonetheless, if the pony name generator moniker bothers you, if you’d like to generate different random names, just click the button again.

Tips to Name MLP

While I can’t promise that this handy little guide will help you think of a suitable name for every character, location, or concept in your My Little Pony narrative, it should at least get you started.

  1. Changing just one or two letters in a real or well-known My Little Pony name can make a new name that is still simple, memorable, and easy to remember.
  2. Many popular fantasy names, such as those for My Little Ponies, have profound linguistic and cultural roots.
  3. Think about the character’s guiding principles, philosophy, and religion, as you brainstorm names.
  4. Names for robot characters won’t have any sort of cultural significance or origin.
  5. It’s common practice for geographic features to be named after the individuals who first lived there.


How many MLP characters are there?

Nearly the course of the series, over two hundred “background ponies” (minor characters) fill out crowd scenes and provide visual jokes. The show’s brony fans have taken to several background ponies and given them names and distinct personalities.

Is My Little Pony safe for children?

Children under the age of seven should be supervised by an adult due to the presence of frightening content and characters. Young children (those under the age of five) may find some of these moments and characters terrifying. The film’s runtime of 104 minutes is also quite lengthy for kids.

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