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Different Kingdom Names

What is Kingdom Name Generator?

Political systems in most fantasies are typically based on kingdoms, dynasties, and other intermediate levels of the fantasy world. A member of the kingdom is using their dominance, whether it’s local wealthy landowners extracting taxes from villagers or kings constructing palaces that reach the heavens.

When designing a setting for your made-up civilization, it will help greatly if you have a firm grasp on the values that are most important to your characters. Your characters will give their kingdoms names, therefore it’s important to put yourself in their shoes and find something meaningful to them while thinking of a name.

A Fantasy kingdom name generator is a must-have online tool. It’s simple to use, quick to implement, and streamlined. The generator puts thought into each regal name it produces.

How does the Kingdom Name Generator Work?

You can use this tool to generate the names of 10 different eras, reigns, and monarchies at random. All of the names are chosen at random, though the names’ endings are drawn from a list of both actual and made-up names.

There is a chance that some names generated at random won’t function well, depending on the target language and culture. Names generated in the first half of this list tend to be shorter than those generated in the second, shielding them from the weirder effects of randomness.

First, select the random kingdom name generator option to create random names. If you don’t like any of the names, you can obtain ten more by clicking the button again. If you’re having trouble thinking of a nice name for your tale, RPG, or whatever it is, feel free to use the generator as many times as you like!

Kingdom Name Generator
Kingdom Name Generator

Kingdom Names

Names for kingdoms often honor the legendary heroes who established them. Kingdoms in certain fantasy realms may take the names of the races they reign over.

Good Kingdom Names

Those who seek power in a kingdom name should choose wisely. Visualize it reverberating off the walls of a huge throne room. Power is the name of the game in a kingdom, therefore a name that conveys strength is essential.

Dwarven Kingdom Names

When compared to human civilization’s vast empires, dwarf kingdoms stand out as something truly special. Dwarves prefer to dig deep rather than wide, and so their mountain kingdoms go all the way to the core of the Earth, where the richest mines are.

Elven Kingdom Names

Because elves are introverted, the ruling of their kingdoms is often devolved to regional kings and queens. Elven kingdoms can endure for ages because of this system. However, allegiance to the King is still required and enforced.

Medieval Kingdom Names

Most modern kingdoms can trace their roots back to the Middle Ages. In a fantastical universe, they would naturally permeate the Middle Ages as well. Many existing kingdoms serve as excellent models for fictional ones.


How do people usually name their Kingdom?

If your fantasy realm features a kingdom, the name must be appropriate, sources may vary as the royal dynasty, geography, and language. Consequently, there is a great deal of thought required. The key, though, is to approach this procedure backward and construct the kingdom on its name.

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