Khajiit Name Generator

Different Khajiit Names

What is Khajiit?

The Khajiit are a monster people who live in Elsweyr, their home province in the Tamriel continent. The Khajiit appear to be felines and speak with a sneaky Cathay accent, but their exact species is unknown. They are one of Skyrim Khajiit Names “beast races,” along with the Argonians.

Khajiit Traits

Characteristics of the Khajiit are feline-looking, Elsweyr natives who are renowned for their wit and dexterity. These qualities also made Khajiit excellent acrobats and robbers, yet they are also feared in battle. However, their magical abilities are largely unrecognized.

Khajiit Name Generator

The ESO Khajiit names in this generator are generated using rules that appear to be based on those used to generate names in the Elder Scrolls video games. While the majority of Khajiit do have a distinguishing prefix to their names, this is not always the case. Names often carry connotations of social status.

Khajiit Name Generator
Khajiit Name Generator

There are honorifics used on both genders by NPCs, although some of them are specified as being appropriate only for one. Their last names, like their accents, appear to have been influenced by Indian and Arabian traditions. Nonetheless, only half of the produced names will have a last name for those who desire to use them, as Morrowind khajiit no longer has last names (in-game).

With a click of a button, a list of possible Khajiit names will appear for you to consider. Use the menu to generate male or female names for your characters.

Types of Khajiit Names

Male Khajiit Names

The male Khajiit is well-suited to the role of the ninja because, like all cats, he has an innate ability to move silently and undetected. Some male names are so dissimilar to common names that they make it difficult to tell them apart from their female counterparts. However, there are certain stipulations attached to names that help indicate sex.

Female Khajiit Names

Khajiit female names are as interchangeable as their male counterparts. The process of transforming your name or a name you prefer into a Khajiit name is straightforward. It’s a major work for me to list all the possible name endings because there are so many.


What is the Khajiit name convention?

Khajiit males are more likely than females to add an honorific to their name, with the suffix’s significance depending on the individual’s age, social standing, and talents. Some people like to remain anonymous, thus they don’t give themselves a clear title.

How do Khajiit names work?

Khajiit does not customarily use last names. However, they do not go without titles that signify the roles they have decided to play in society. Their initial function is usually denoted by a prefix followed by an apostrophe.

How are Khajiit born?

A special class of Khajiit known as the Mane serves as the Khajiiti religion’s de facto spiritual leader. According to Khajiit mythology, the alignment of the two moons at the time of a newborn Khajiit’s birth releases the mane into the world.

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