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Different Greek Names

The process of naming fictional characters in a book, film, or play is more challenging than it appears. There’s nothing worse than spending hours on a script, coming up with a riveting masterpiece by pure intuition, only to learn that the character names don’t work.

Greek Names

When it comes to naming, most Greeks follow the Western norm of using a first name and a surname. Some names are comparable to those found in many Western countries, but there are also rather different plenty. Suffixes on Greek last names can reveal a person’s place of origin. For instance, if someone’s last name ends in -akis, it’s likely they have Cretan ancestry.

Greek Name Generator

Random Greek Name Generator takes time to come up with names like these on the spot. It is possible to quickly and easily produce thousands of unique Greek names with the use of a dedicated software program.

Greek Name Generator
Greek Name Generator

When you use the Greek last name generator, you’ll have access to great ideas that will help you capture your characters’ true selves on the page.

Based on research into both contemporary and historical aspects of Greek life, our service can be used to generate random male and female combinations.

Click the icon to see a list of names; if you don’t like any of them, keep clicking until you find the one you like best.

Tips to Choose the Perfect Greek Name

Avoid Trends

When picking a Greek name, it’s best to go against the grain, as research shows that odd names are linked to negative consequences. Grossly misspelled names, meaningless punctuation, names with a peculiar spelling twist, and outrageous hipster names are all bad trends to follow.

Stick to Classic Names

Don’t stray too far from the classics; the world is replete with memorable monikers that have been around for ages but are now largely unknown.


Some parents choose a name for their child regardless of its meaning, while others should be ready to shrug off the question when it eventually arises.


Selecting a name from your ancestry can be a meaningful way to show respect for your Greek roots.


Is there a strong Greek name?

Peter, Socrates, and Zeus are all mighty names from Greek mythology, whereas Aphrodite, Angelina, and Olympia are all stunningly gorgeous and divine.

How do you make a Greek name?

Those with a first name followed by a patronymic and a family name are said to be of Greek ancestry. A patronymic is a form of naming a child after his or her father, with the ‘-ou’ (‘of’) suffix added to the father’s given name.

Why is a Greek names generator required?

Greek names are extremely significant in Greek culture. They are provided at birth and continue to be given during a human’s life, and they play an essential role in society. Parents frequently chose Greek names for their babies since they feel they will bring them good fortune.

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