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Different Goblin Names

What is Goblin?

A goblin is a fictional character found in Germanic and British folklore. They are typically portrayed as the antagonists to the protagonists’ good-natured faeries and spirits. They’re little critters who live in filthy conditions and are very greedy. They organize their lives according to a definite tribal hierarchy. Although goblins only live a relatively brief time, their reproduction rate is high, leading to a sizable population.

Goblin Names

Their names and speech are both more difficult to understand and pronounce. Although certain words have simpler names than others, the complexity of the language as a whole may prove to be an obstacle for some. Some instances of such names include Lyghigs, Griahuink, and Throgaq.

Goblin Name Generator 

The names generated by the Goblin Name Generator are all of a fantastical nature. However, there are a plethora of names that can easily be adapted for use as a Goblin original given name.

Goblin Name Generator
Goblin Name Generator

We’ve done our best to cover all bases when it comes to fantasy name traditions, from easy, friendly names to more challenging, demonic, or evil-sounding names.

First, press the “start” button so that some completely made-up names can be generated. If you’re still not fond of the names, we understand. All it takes is one more click of the button to get a fresh batch of random names.

Keep exploring the wizard’s name generator for hundreds more options, and then copy your selections using the button at the bottom of the page to paste them into a word processor.

How to Choose the Best Goblin Name?

Finding the perfect Goblin names DnD for each of your characters might be difficult, and you may want or need some suggestions. To help you find the best possible names for your goblins, we have provided a generator.

  1. A goblin needs a Goblin names 5e that fits his personality, so the reader can picture him as they read.
  2. It’s important to remember that some authors make their characters choose the names of other characters in the novel. The name your character picks should reflect who they are and what they value.
  3. If you’re all out of creative name ideas, you might have to settle with one that isn’t particularly descriptive; but, adding an appropriate extension could make all the difference.
  4. The resulting name is catchy but obscure. When you add the elongation, the dragon suddenly takes on a much more menacing persona, bringing with it a sense of impending doom.
  5. If your intended audience shares a name with a certain character, that name could be an excellent candidate for a name change.


Do Goblins have surnames?

Last names are meaningless in the Goblin world. They have enormous tribes and treat everyone as part of one big family, with little concern for their separate lives. But it’s not out of the ordinary for any of them to go by a shortened version of their tribe’s name or to have a special moniker.

Are there female Goblins?

Goblins are exclusively male, but they can mate with people of any other race and have offspring that are also goblins.

What is an evil Goblin called?

While a goblin is typically depicted as a hideous, nasty, and mischievous creature in folklore, a hobgoblin is more likely to deal in pranks than evil.

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